Reviva is a luxurious skincare brand inspired by the powerful desert landscape. Their unique formulas combine hardy desert plants with precious minerals, salts and gemstones found in the earth's harshest environments.
At the core of Reviva is the fusion of resilient botanicals like prickly pear and agave with revitalizing elements sculpted by the desert over millions of years. Their skincare experts ethically source gems, salts and nutrient-rich mineral compounds from underground deserts and ancient geological formations.

The result is an indulgent, high-performance skincare line filled with botanical extracts and mineral-rich blends that reveal your most radiant, youthful complexion.

Reviva's core consumer is the discerning, affluent men/ woman aged 25-45 who appreciates luxury and authenticity. She/ He is an educated professional leading an active metropolitan lifestyle focused on wellness and cultivating unique experiences.

The key challenge was to develop a cohesive brand identity that would resonate with the target audience, capturing their attention and communicating in a way that genuinely connects with them.

Client — Reviva
Task —  Brand Identity design
Art Diraction — Yahia SM


By Yahia SM
All rights reserved

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